About Me

Who am I?

I am an American artist living abroad and creating art.

I have been interested in weaving before I even knew what it was. As a kid, I played in the woods and collected pine needles to later weave them into bracelets. Eventually I was formally introduced to weaving in university, where I first learned how to make a frame loom and design on a floor loom.  

For the last 8 years I have taught abroad, learning about people and different cultures. Now, I have returned to my creative roots and have made art my focus.

What I do

I weave on a frame loom to create intricate designs that can be worn, used daily, or be used to decorate interior surfaces. Some of my designs I can replicate by using a different color palette or materials, while other designs are completely one of a kind. Each piece I create is carefully designed and made by me.


I like to weave colorful and textured designs that come from my imagination. The fun for me is balancing the colors, forms, size and textures into one composition. 

To learn more about the process of designing on the loom, ready further in the ” My Weaving Process”.

How I do it


My work has a lot of dimensions, and I want you to fully experience that. I am dedicated to creating art that is fulfilling to me and making work that I am proud of. Weaving on the loom is tough work, and I give my all while creating. 

I am someone who believes in working with what I have, then slowly build on from there. These two frames I found discarded and decided to clean them up to turn them into frame looms. I use them to make woven tapestries as well as weaving tutorials for beginner learners. I often alternate between the two depending on what projects I’m working on.

In addition to weaving with yarn and fibers, I also like experimenting with a variety of materials, such as metal wire, plastic and material found in nature. Mixing various media on the loom is my favorite way to relax and find new design methods.  

You can learn more about my creative journey in the section, “My Path Here“. 

I create weaving tutorials!
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life abroad

Art is a language that connects us. 

Over the past few years, I have worked hard to live and travel abroad and learn about various cultures. Meeting people from other countries has taught me a lot about ways of life different from mine. 

The more you travel, the bigger and more diverse the world becomes. But that being said,  there are also so many similarities that we all share that allows us to connect and make us feel closer to each other. Whether it be in another country or in your local town, it is amazing to meet people who share similar interests as you and create a connection with them.  

Art is one of those things that connect us- to me, it is a language. As an undergraduate student, I learned traditional Korean ink painting in Seoul for a semester. I was just beginning to learn the language,




and the professor and my classmates had very limited English skills. So, aside from a cell phone translator, we had to use body language and painting to communicate.

Most of the lines I drew received a “no” and followed with a demo by the professor, who slowly counted each brush stroke of the leaves for me to follow along. But in those rare moments that I drew them correctly, I received a “yes, good” and a thumbs up from the professor.

Were my leaves perfect by the end of that semester? Absolutely not. But, that class opened my eyes to using art as a vehicle of communication. It was special for me to be welcomed to learn a part of a traditional art form and rely on an alternative form of communication to be creative with others. 



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