Are you a creative, and want to collaborate on a project together?

 I am open to collaborating on projects with other creators with artistic backgrounds. 

Contact me here if you have an interesting idea or would like to create something together. 


What does a collaboration entail?

A collaboration includes me and an artist (or creative group) creating collectively on a project.

All stipulations must be discussed before beginning the project.  

What kind of work are you interested in working on?

I am inspired by nature and abstract forms. I like to explore texture, material and color in my work.

I would like to expand my body of work, so I am interested in and open to creating a variety of art. I am currently interested in branching out to wearable art and installations.

I'm not an artist, but I would still like to collaborate with you on a project.

Please contact me and explain what kind of project you are interested in collaborating on.  

Why should we collaborate?

I want to create as much as I can and learn more in various art fields. I have a background in weaving, sculpture and ceramics, and I would love to keep expanding my work and teaching others what I know. 

I am willing to do the work to create with a team or other creative individual. 

Don't have any ideas yet, but want to collaborate?

Send me a message and let’s see if we can come up with a few ideas together.