Why buy woven art?

Take a look at what you are wearing. Probably most of what you have on is woven. 

Weaving yarn or other materials together to create woven fabric opens the door to a variety of projects. Some come woven projects are:


Interior decoration


wearable accessories and clothes


functional objects

You can enjoy wearing woven fabric, but also make fiber arts a part of your daily life.

making art
My Weaving Process 

Weaving is an intricate art process that requires attention to fine details and an understanding of spacing between the yarns and types of fibers used.

The fun part of weaving is solving the puzzle of balance between colors, patterns, and spacing between the materials. Weaving is much like painting and drawing, but the design is slowly built with each row of yarn added to the loom. The design takes time to build up and reveal itself.

Sampling is a usual step to initially take when testing out a color palette or design, but sometimes a design just talks to you, and you can just jump into weaving. 

I like to experiment with different yarns and materials and scale. Some projects are smaller than others, but I tend to work at a medium to large scale. Small is nice (and I welcome art in all shapes and sizes), but I like to work out the details on a larger form. 

Each project is different, but the approach is the same: start strong, end strong, and do my best. All I can do is do my best to create art that I am proud of and create art that you can enjoy for years to come.

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