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Curious about weaving or other fiber arts? Don’t worry, no previous experience is required! All levels are welcome!

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I created Fibers and Design in 2019 to teach weaving on a frame loom online. I write, film, edit and post video and written tutorials for weaving beginners to advanced beginners. Be sure to check out the Beginner Weaver’s Guide– it teaches complete beginners step-by-step!

Below are a few helpful videos from the Fibers and Design’s Youtube Channel


Weaving Basics

In my weaving tutorials learn about weaving basics on a frame loom, including : 


Build a frame loom


Set up a loom


Weaving tools


Weaving patterns + techniques


Removing weaving off the loom


finish + Display weaving

Weaving Tutorial Videos

Here are a few videos from Fibers and Design.

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